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 The Blackest Secrets, Osmond and Jeor
Osmond Lannister
 Posted: May 2 2013, 05:57 PM

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The trek to The Wall was one of the most miserable parts of Osmond's job as Spymaster. He knew that he was lucky to have someone so high on the inside of the Nightswatch to feed him the information, and the information was certainly worth it, but getting there from King's Landing was a test of patience from the The Seven themselves. Nothing to do but sit on his horse and ride and ride until he came to the next major town and got to eat and go to bed. The first half wasn't so bad, because he could throw his weight as a lord around and get good lodging, but once he started getting further North he had to hide his identity for his own safeties sake, which meant itchy wool blankets and inns that stank of pig shit and vomit. Not to mention the blasted cold. Osmond hated the cold with a passion so fierce it was a wonder that it didn't cause the cold air around him to steam. With any luck his meeting with Jeor would be quick so he could get a good nights rest and leave the personal hell that was the North as quickly as possible.

The Wall towered over him as Osmond approached. The first time he remembered seeing it he felt so very small like an insect standing next to a sleeping giant, but now it was merely a piece of the scenery, something that was simply 'there'. Castle Black finally came into view and Osmond could have said a thankful prayer were he the type to do so. He took special care to bring his hood close to his face so that his missing eye wouldn't be immediately obvious and took out the parcel which would grant him an immediate audience with the Lord Commander. He could already feel the eyes of the watchmen upon him as he approached, and he unconsciously readjusted his hood. When he came to the gate he slowed his horse and waited.

"State your business here stranger!" he heard from above. "I have business with the Lord Commander, and a parcel instructing as much. Now hurry and open the blasted gate, I can feel my balls shriveling up as we speak!" he shouted in return. This earned him a loud guffaw and a few chuckles from the other side as the gate opened and he was received. He handed over the sealed envelope with the appropriate signatures and was given a curt nod. "You can find hi-" the watchmen began but was cut off. "I know where he is, don't worry about me. I won't bother any of your boys while I'm here." Osmond moved his horse quickly, ignoring the curious glaces he earned as he entered and found a place to stable his horse and moved quickly around the castle toward Jeor's office. He used a swift knocking pattern that was used to specifically identify himself and waited for the door to open so that he would be allowed to enter.
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