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 Posted: May 22 2014, 02:53 PM

The Red Viper
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"This is not the first time I have come to Dorne, young Lannister. I ventured here once before, with my sister. We came here with intention of seeing a world beyond our own. Truly, I believe my father intended for I to marry your sister, Cersei, and your brother Jaime, to marry my beloved Elia. But it was not to be so of course. Your father Tywin would never have it. No less, we came here, and the venture on the sea had been overshadowed by word of a monster that lurked there in Westeros. A creature with a red eye, claws and a tail between his legs. A spawn of the darkest magic, from the natural birth of a woman whom your father was married. A woman who was killed at birth by this creature. But with tale, after tale, soon, we became more intrigued by you, Tyrion, then we were by your lands. And so when we came, we asked your sister, Cersei, 'show us this monster of yours. Show us to your brother.'

It took her many days to finally unveil you, but when she did, I could not hide the disappointment I felt. For the stories had been all but true. What was within was a boy. A small, baby boy, with a slightly large head and arms and legs which only appeared slightly smaller than any other child. But you, Tyrion - you were a baby no less. And so I told your sister; 'this is no monster, Cersei. This is a baby. A baby boy, like any other I have seen.'

I remember your sister looked at me then, and I could feel her hatred for me. For the simple fact that I had seen you not as a creature, but as a normal person - like any other that called Westeros their home.

But what would the people of King's Landing, or Casterly Rock know of normality? They have not travelled these lands. They have not ventured very far from their comforting walls. No. They must find the uniqueness of a person and call it a monsterly or unholy trait to make themselves feel better for it. But not I, Tyrion. I was fostered to Sandstone at a very young age. I grew there and met a many people whom held kindness, and a many people who bore ill-will for no good reasoning. There I was found with the paramour of Lord Edgar Yronwood in his bed, and a battle to first blood was called to defend his honour. Young and untrained, I was met with cuts, as was he. But I healed. He did not. No. he faced a fate at the death of his wounds as they festered and ate away at him; many claiming I had doused my blade with poison." "And did you?" Tyrion asked. "It will never be known truly, will it? I was too young to remember, in truth - and he too long slain to confirm the effects he felt from his wounds. The maester that tended to him, dead all the same from his age, I would presume. No less, it was where my name, the Red Viper rose from. I was sent away after that, to Oldtown and Lys, while my family tried to make right what I had wronged in Sandstone. I did not linger too long in either, for I was an adventurous spirit, and so, I travelled the Free Cities as well as I could. I learnt so much as a result. Of poison, of the world around me. My studies brought me to the Citadel for a time, where I studied Maesterhood. I stayed so long in fact that I had forged six chains before my boredom took me from the cause. The idea of being confound to books and walls much longer had almost driven me to insanity.

Afterward, I found myself with the Second Sons. A warrior, a fighter, a plunderer if you will. But my cause differed from theres after a time and so, I formed my own company to undertake my tasks once more.

But this information, it is not of a purpose to you Tyrion, simply a show that even I posed a disappointment to my family. For we have similarities, and I think, to some degree that is why is why I do not despise you so much as I do the rest of your House."

"Why do you despise us at all?" Tyrion piped once more.

"During the Sacking of King's Landing, my sister, Elia, was raped and murdered by a man under the allegiance to House Lannister. A Knight. Gregor Clegane. But it was not only her whom was so ill treated, but her son and daughter the same. Your family will pay for their part in that unfortunate day. Gregor will pay. For it is not only a Lannister whom pays his debts, my friend. House Martell are not known for their forgetfulness. Tell your father this. Tell your sister, your brother, your every other of significance. Have them know, Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne has not forgotten their treachery -- even with so many years having come us to pass."


With his back straightly supported by the backrest of his chair, Oberyn allowed his eyes to look over at the gentleman opposite him. The wind from outside has managed to sweep it's way through the hallways and tickle at the Prince's neck hair. The weather in King's Landing had always been so much harsher than that of Dorne. Indeed, his homeland had been much more kind to the skin and to the senses. Warmth radiated from every stream of sunlight. The air was still, and the smell of beautifully blossoming flowers filled the warm summers air. And so, with such foreign elements upon him, and such unwanted company before him - King's Landing had truly put the Prince of Dorne in a foul mood.

"Tell me, why is it that I am being received here by a Knight of House Lannister in the stead of a Lannister themself?" Oberyn quirked in his foreign tongue, biting at his index finger nail. His eyes had narrowed on the man whom had introduced himself as Ser Ergo Ereben.

"The Lannisters are busy. I am here to buy your time until they deem a time which is fit for them to see you." the man responded, pointedly.

Oberyn cringed at that. The words stabbing at him like a knife. The idea of waiting on the Lannisters had him feel far more disgruntled than he already had been, and if it were to continue much longer, he'd drive a blade straight through this 'Ser' just to give him some an essence of ease at insulting the Lannister house to some degree and reminding them that he owed them nothing and that they owed House Martell every kindness given their part in his sisters murder.
Yet, with a deep breath, the Prince reclaimed his calmness and allowed himself to stifle the urge to lay waste to the man in front of him for his ill choice of servitude.

Rising from his seat and pulling his garments straight, the Prince offered the man a forced smile, resting his hands on his hips and giving a curt nod. "You tell Tywin that I will not linger here any longer. I will seek out his son, Tyrion. I hear he is far more hospitable than his insolent father." he scrunched his features out of disdain for the name of the House Lannister foreman. How he hated him beyond measure. The God's only knew how much.

"You take that back, Prince of Dorne. You will know where to pay your respects, or you will be taught where to pay them!" the knight jolted to his feet and held his hand to his sword hilt, pulling it half out to show his true purpose and intentions; not to mention that his words were not filled with false threat.

Oberyn smiled. How he felt a happiness at being threatened here. How he felt a happiness that he had been provoked here, now. For he could relieve himself of the arrogance of the Lannister house.
"For that threat, Ser Ereben - you shall meet my blade. For, if you were a man of honour, I would give you warning this once. But you are not. For you serve a house absent of such honour. And therefore, it is beyond you. Draw before I do, and you may have fair chance here, Ser. If not, say your prayers to the God's and lets be done with it."

The Ser relieved his blade as fast as he could, but Oberyn's viper-like strike was too fast for even a trained warrior such as this knight. The Prince's poisoned dagger lunged into the mans neck, blood spitting from the wound and landing upon the grey stone floor. The gurgling of blood echoed off the solid walls, and the sound of armour crashing to the floor was met after with nothing but silence.
"Rest with easiness, Ser. Perhaps in the afterlife, you will still be able to find the honour you failed to in this life."

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