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 TARGARYEN, DAENERYS, WIP - Mother of Dragons
Daenerys Targaryen
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Character Profile
Age: 15
Player: Everscale

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"I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, of the blood of Old Valyeria. I am the dragon's daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming. ."


FULL NAME;; Daenerys Targaryen
GENDER;; Female
AGE;; 15
MEMBER GROUP;; Targaryen


PLAY BY;;Emilia Clarke
HEIGHT;; 5'2"
BUILD;; Daenerys is small and slight. She is a deceptive creature, pretty and petite. All her strength, all her fire, comes from deep in her soul, and being underestimated can be a very useful tool.
HAIR;; With hair the near-white of a Targaryen, Daenerys's heritage cannot be denied. She wears her hair loose, flowing in gentle waves to her waist. Often she braids it when her tribe rides, but normally she puts little to no effort into styling it.
EYES;; Daenerys's eyes are large and bright, and give the distinct first impression of childish innocence. They are mostly blue, with rings of hazel and flecks of brilliant blue nearer to her pupils. Dark, curled lashes frame her eyes. Her eyes are the most communicative of her features, often giving away a deeper fury no matter how calm she is when she speaks her mind to cruel men.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS;; Daenerys's most distinguishing mark is her pale hair. She bears no visible scars, wears no tattoos, and it is generally her clothing that speaks of her identity. Other than that, her most distinguishing features - her bold spirit and immunity to fire - are not visible things.



Daenerys feels deeply for people around her. She can not stand the sight of mistreatment or stolen freedom, and she will act to right any wrong she encounters, whether or not those around her might consider her actions wise.

Idealistic and rarely willing to listen to her elders, Daenerys has a very pure view of the world. To her, everything is black and white. Slavery is wrong, whether or not freeing the slaves will make a potentially powerful ally into an enemy. The Iron Throne is rightfully hers, whether or not she has the ships or army to take it. Her utter faith in her view of the world has won her victories time and time again, but there is always the potential for something to go horribly wrong.

Daenerys has a great capacity for caring. There is a mothering side to her that was left lonely with the loss of her infant Rhaego, whom she never had the opportunity to see. Her maternal instinct has transferred largely to her dragons, but she also looks upon her tribe with increasing motherly affection. They are her responsibility, and she will protect them with everything she has, no matter how great the risk.

The Mother of Dragons does not hesitate. She is confident and unwavering, she does not flinch in the face of contention and she always gets her way. Daenerys is not afraid to make demands or movements that she believes will move her to the top of this game of thrones, no matter what her advisers warn her could happen.

For a long time now, Daenerys has known what she wants. She is the Mother of Dragons. She is a Targaryen. The Iron Throne is rightfully hers, and she is going to get it back no matter what it takes. This was her brother's dream before he died, but somehow it has become hers. Her dragons, after all, deserve a proper kingdom.

Daenerys gets everything she wants, or nothing. She does not take half. She wants a war, and she's going to get a war. In her mind, she is also going to win it. For Daenerys, there is only victory or death, and there are only victories along the way.


People who meet Daenerys like her, and that is a massive advantage in anyone trying to gather an army. If people are fighting voluntarily for someone they dislike or they feel is mistreating them, they are unlikely to continue working for that person. Daenerys has the ability to win and keep loyalty from some of the most unexpected sorts of men. She is gaining power and influence fast because of it.

The Mother of Dragons is not afraid, by any means, to do what she has to do to get her way. No matter how great the risk, if the reward is worth it, Daenerys will go through with it. She does not believe in giving half of herself. She is a victory or death sort of girl.

Though Daenerys will, from time to time, turn to her advisers for help, she does not generally let them decide what she is actually going to do. Since her marriage to Drogo, and especially since her brother's death, Daenerys had found her own will. She makes the final decision and no one argues with her.

Daenerys is the blood of the dragon, and fire can not harm a dragon. She hatched her children in the funeral pyre that ended her marriage with her husband and the life of his murderer, and she emerged alive. Fire simply slides over her.

Drogon, black and red and larger than his brothers. Rhaegal, green with scattered markings of bronze. Viserion, the color of cream and marked with gold. Though small, Daenerys's dragons have shown themselves to be loyal and viciously protective of their mother. They make a perfect threat. The psychological effect of the word "dragon" is in itself highly manipulable. The dragons may also make a powerful bargaining tool in the future.


Daenerys does not always think her decisions through. One could even say never. No matter how many times someone warns her that some action is dangerous, if she sees the goal as important she is going to go ahead with it regardless. She has a certain vision for the art of negotiation and warfare, and so far it has guided her well, but her sense of invincibility is only growing, and overconfidence can get people killed.

Daenerys's world is very black and white. There is good and there is evil, there are slavers and there are slaves, there is wrong and right and Daenerys knows in her heart when something is wrong. She does not question her gut feeling, and she will do anything in her power to right the wrongs she comes across, no matter who she offends and how useful they might have been in her march across the sea.

Daenerys does not feel suspicion of the people who approach her each day. She trusts that there are good people, and in fact that most people in the world are good. It is, perhaps, a little too easy to get close to Daenerys in an informal setting. It is easy to protect against a visiting warlord who comes to negotiate with the Khaleesi of an approaching Dothraki raiding party. It is difficult to defend against an unknown woman, or a small child, and Daenerys does not recognize them as threats on her own.

Above all, Daenerys believes in a perfect world. She believes in the potential for good in all humans and the ability for anyone to change. That trust got her husband killed, when Daenerys put her faith in an old slave woman who she blames for stealing her husband's soul and her son's life. She has learned from this, in some ways, but in most she is still blindly faithful in the innocent of victims.

Daenerys is not and has never been a warrior. Her spirit is powerful, and three dragons cling to her like the small children they are to her, but the truth of the matter is she is physically weak. No matter how many hours in the day Daenerys can ride it does not make her a fighter, and she has had little to no training with a blade. She is completely dependent upon her warriors for protection.


Daenerys Targaryen has a maternal instinct that is running rampant inside her since the loss of her child. She never got to mother Rhaego, and though she sees her dragons as her children, it is not quite the same. She is drawn to human children, she wants to protect them, play with them. Daenerys wants to be a mother, even though she knows it is unlikely to ever happen.

When she was young, growing up with Viserys, horses were mere conveniences. They were transportation and hardly worth the hay they ate as individuals. Daenerys never much cared about dragons, before.Living with the Dothraki has turned her image of horses around. They are blood and flesh and fire, and they are the life of her tribe. Each horse is precious, and Daenerys revels in both riding and caring for the horses.

Daenerys appreciates loyalty through love and admiration. Her brother ruled through fear, and she has seen him burned for his cowardice. Daenerys knows there are better ways to gain loyalty. She loves those who follow her. She cares for them as though they are family, and in a way they are. The only family she has left.
Being Loved

When she married Khal Drogo, Daenerys never expected love. She never expected love from her brother, either, and she never knew the rest of her family. When Daenerys and Drogo finally fell for one another, the young Khaleesi knew she never wanted anything else out of life, and losing that bond has broken her more deeply than her advisers can know.

Becoming Khaleesi gave Daenerys a taste of what it is like to make decisions for oneself. The more time she spent at Drogo's side, the stronger she became, until she could finally stand up to her brother. She loves the feeling of holding her own, of being the one in charge, not the one sold. The more power Daenerys gets the more she wants, and her ambitions have now turned over the sea to her rightful homeland.
Her Tribe

The Dothraki are all Daenerys has left of a family. They look at her not only as their Khaleesi, but as their guide, as a protector and a provider. Daenerys has promised them more than they ever could have dreamed of having. She is good and kind, but she is strong, and her tribe adores her. They would protect her with their lives, and she would protect them with hers.


Once, Daenerys was sold into marriage for an army. She was made an object, her value measurable in the mind of a man. She understands the feeling of being worthless, and she wishes it on no one. Daenerys has made it her goal to ensure an end to that feeling in all men, women, and children.

Viserys was a cruel man, even abusive. Daenerys tasted his fist more than once. He treated her as an object, not as a woman, and such cruelty offends her deeply. Beatings, whippings, overzealous training, hard labor without pay, all of it is cruel and all of it is dangerous with the Khaleesi near.

Men who do not believe women can wage war are not worth Daenerys's time. Men who believe women are objects, or believe they should be seen and not heard, are even less worth Daenerys's time. She knows she is dangerous, she has power, and when her dragons are old enough Daenerys knows she is going to drive a stake through the believes of misogynistic men.

Greed is the downfall of every man. Wanting more than what rightfully belongs to a man will drive him into a state of madness. Daenerys's brother is her greatest example. He was not the dragon, he was not strong, but he believed himself the heir. He wanted his crown and his iron throne, neither of which were rightfully his. In the end, his desire drove him out of control, and it killed him.

Daenerys hates the sort of human who thinks always of himself before others. She does her best to model selflessness - Daenerys does not care about the risk to herself if she could free thousands of helpless slaves - and more than anything Daenerys enjoys making an example of the sort of men who step on others to make their way to the top.

Viserys was a coward. He could not step forward and take what he wanted. Daenerys's brother had to use her to get where he wanted to go, had to make her a tool, and that is not only inappropriate in Daenerys's eyes, it is weak. She would never use someone when she could not guarantee their protection and safe return.


Daenerys risks her life every time she makes a bold bargain, and she is scared stiff the whole time. Though death would mean rejoining Drogo and Rhaego, and even her misguided brother, it would mean abandoning her dragon and the Dothraki as well. Daenerys can not stand the thought of life ending. It freezes her blood and it is all she could do to keep from shaking at the thought.
Losing her Dragons

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are Daenerys's children now. They are the only family she has left, and she has poured her heart into their rearing. Losing any one of them would tear her heart apart. It would be like losing Drogo and Rhaego all over again.

Take Back the Iron Throne

Daenerys believes that the iron throne belongs to her. She is Targaryen, she is the dragon. The throne was stolen from her father and she grew up in exile, and it is time for the Mother of Dragons to return and claim her prize.
End Slavery

Slavery is something of a personal offense to Daenerys. She believes every man, woman, and child should have the freedom to make their own way in the world, whether they succeed or fail. She has started a sort of vendetta against slave owners, and has got it in her head that she can free all her friends.


Daenerys still blames herself for Drogo's death. Yes, the witch woman killed him, but Daenerys demanded that she do it. The spell cost her son and her husband, and Daenerys knows exactly who is to blame. The witch woman would never have done it if Daenerys had not demanded it of her.

The more time Daenerys spends with Jorah, the more irritating he becomes. He is always worried, always second guessing her decisions, and she knows he's only concerned for her well being but she really wishes he wouldn't. At the same time, though, Jorah has...changed in her eyes. The more she looks at him the more Daenerys thinks just maybe she feels something for him that goes beyond affection for a loyal adviser.


  • Father - King Aerys II Targaryen (deceased)
  • Mother - Rhaella Targaryen (deceased)
  • Brother - Viserys Targaryen (deceased)
  • Brother - Rhaegar (deceased)
  • Sister-In-Law - Elia Targaryen (deceased)
  • Brother-In-Law - Doran Martell
  • Brother-In-Law - Oberyn Martell
  • Nephew - Aegon Targaryen
  • Niece - Rhaenys Targaryen
  • Great-Uncle - Aemon Tagaryen
  • Uncle - Duncan Tagaryen (deceased)
  • Husband - Khal Drogo (deceased)
  • Child - Rhaego (deceased)
  • Dragon - Drogon
  • Dragon - Rhaegal
  • Dragon - Viserion
HISTORY;; Daenerys was the only daughter of Aerys II Targaryen, King on the Iron Throne. Her mother, Rhaella, died giving birth to her only a few months before Aerys II was ejected from the throne and most of his family murdered. Daenerys, as a result, has no memories of her family. They were dead before she was even aware of her presence, She does not remember being taken across the sea with her brother Viserys, as she was only an infant. She has never known the Seven Kingdoms.

On the other side of the sea, Daenerys and Viserys were taken in by the Magistrate Illyrio Mopatis. Daenerys grew up under her brother's thumb. Viserys was a cruel creature, ambitious, and he did not see his sister as a human being so much as something to be manipulated and spent. She was currency to him, in a way. A means to an end. He raised her carefully into gentle obedience, made sure she was quiet and reserved, and that she understood he was and always would be in charge.

When Daenerys was fifteen and eligible for marriage, the Magistrate organized a trade with Khal Drogo of the Dothraki. Daenerys would marry the Khal, if Drogo's riders would fight for Viserys's cause and help the Dragon regain his throne. Daenerys did not want to marry, but she had no choice in the matter. She was married to the Khal and found herself lost in a world she could not possibly comprehend. The Dothraki were rough and tough. Daenerys was pale and delicate and accustomed to daily baths, not to long days in the saddle. She was young, not ready to be a wife and please her husband. Her only comfort was the presence of three dragon eggs, long since turned to stone, presented to her by the Magistrate as a wedding gift. Though no longer alive, Daenerys felt an odd kinship to the eggs. SHe kept them always close to her side.

The first few weeks were difficult for Daenerys. Drogo took her like a dog. She was naive, she had no idea what she was doing. She hurt every day when she got out of the saddle and Viserys still terrorized her every day, reminding her what would happen if she displeased him. It took the counsel of Dothraki handmaidens, who understood what the Khal wanted, to bring Daenerys into her own power. They taught her the customs and believes of the Dothraki, and what was expected of the Khaleesi. A former prostitute and slave taught her how to gain respect in her relationship. All she had to do was force her own way.

It was the first step towards a new Daenerys. The longer she spent with her handmaidens, the more her attempts to gain respect from Drogo succeeded, the stronger Daenerys became. Viserys found it more difficult to push her around, even when they were alone. Daenerys, in her own mind, stopped being the Targaryen princess. She stopped being even the Dothraki Queen. She was the Khaleesi.

Daenerys's existence became truly and perfectly happy when she learned she was carrying Drogo's unborn child. Her tribe was strong, her marriage was strong, she was with child, and her brother was starting to fall by the wayside. Everything was going right, according to Dothraki custom, right down to Daenerys's ability to consume an entire stallion heart. She named her son Rhaego, and he was the stallion who would mount the world. Everything in her life was only setting itself up to break the last of her chains.

One night, Viserys let himself drink too much. Weak and cowardly and frustrated with his continuing lack of an army, the Targaryen son came into the camp where the Khal and Khaleesi were enjoying their night with the tribe. He threatened Daenerys and her unborn child and demanded his crown. That was the last straw. Drogo honored the agreement and gave Viserys his golden crown, by pouring a pot of molten gold over his head.

Daenerys did feel some regret. Viserys was her last Targaryen relative, but he had not been the Dragon. He was a fool, weak and cruel, and Daenerys, in the end, was glad to have him gone. She settled fully into her life as the Khaleesi, and though once or twice she proposed that they cross the sea to take back the Seven Kingdoms for Rhaego to rule, the iron throne seemed very far away. She was the Khaleesi. She could do good as the Khaleesi.

Exercising her new found freedom and power, Daenerys began to act on her own morals, primarily freeing the slaves the Dothraki took on their raids. Her intentions were good, but he results were disastrous. Daenerys took the wrong woman under her wing, and the warrior she had been stolen from challenged the Khaleesi in a rage. Drogo rose to defend both his Khaleesi, and his honor as a Khal. He won the fight, but int he process he was injured, and for Khal and Khaleesi that was the beginning of the end.

Drogo quickly fell ill. His wound festered, and when the Khal could no longer ride, his tribe turned on him. Daenerys turned to a witch woman she had saved from slavery and demanded she save Drogo. The witch woman asked only if Daenerys was ready to accept the consequences of such magic, and Daenerys, without the slightest clue what those consequences could be, assured the witch she was. She was forced to stand out with the angry Dothraki while the witch went into Drogo's tent, but when the stress of the situation put Daenerys into labor, she was forced to enter the tent.

When Daenerys awoke, her son was gone. He was born a deformed monster at the consequence of her rash actions to save Drogo's life. Drogo was hardly any better, alive but not coherent, just a shell. He had little more than breath left to him. There was nothing anyone could do to bring him back now, even the witch woman. Daenerys struggled for days to get her Khal to respond, but in the end it was impossible. She smothered him to end her horrible mistake.

Crushed, Daenerys turned to the only thing she had left. Her fury turned on the witch woman whose spell had destroyed her husband. Binding the woman to Drogo's funeral pyre, Daenerys took her dragons' eggs and, in spite of the protests of her loyal adviser Jorah, walked into the fire. She was not suicidal. Something came over Daenerys that day, and there was never any doubt for her that she would come through alive.

What little of Daenerys's tribe had remained when the Khal died sat and grieved all night. In the morning, when the smoke and flames finally cleared, only Daenerys remained. Untouched by the flames, she sat naked at the center of a pool of ashes with three newborn dragons clinging to her skin.


CHARACTER TITLE;; Mother of Dragons
OOC NAME;; Everscale
AGE;; 19
RP SAMPLE;; The midday sun beat across Daenerys's shoulders even through the pale canvas of her tent. She sat among a mound of cushions, resting after a long ride. She was suffering as much as her Dothraki were. With no Khal and few warriors, the Dothraki had no way to find food and no way to defend themselves. They wandered the plains, slowly starving, and Daenerys did not know where to take them. She worried constantly over it. She knew where she wanted to go. The iron throne beckoned to her from across the sea, and yet Daenerys had no way to get there.

Sighing, Daenerys laid herself backwards across the cushions. Her pale hair fanned around her head. It felt good to get the long curls off her neck. Sweat beaded on her brow and neck and no matter how hot she was, she almost wanted to shiver. Daenerys was just glad her dragons were not so sensitive to the heat. They seemed perfectly happy to hide in the cushions, chasing one another through the dark caverns within.

Even now, Daenerys could hear them squeaking and trilling at each other. For months she had thought it would be a baby's wail that kept her up at night, but in the end it was the soft shrieks of hatchling dragons that woke her. They were playful creatures, even if their little teeth and claws were dangerous. They were never silent.

As though her thoughts had called to him, Drogon's tiny head popped up from a crack between the cushions. He chirped lightly and turned to stare at her, and Daenerys could only smile. He was already so large, especially compared to Rhaegal and Viserion. The other two were the size of cats, but Drogon was beginning to look like a small dog, and with his black and crimson scales he was certainly the most intimidating. Daenerys had no doubt Drogon would be the most threatening of her dragons.

A small smile curled Daenerys's lips and she reached out, stroking Drogon's head. He growled affectionately and shoved his head against her palm, scales rough and hot. Daenerys was so busy with her dragon she did not hear Jorah enter until he cleared his throat. She turned and looked up at her adviser.

"What is it?" Daenerys breathed. She had come to expect bad news when he approached her in her tent.


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