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 Rules, must read
 Posted: Jun 11 2012, 10:54 AM

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Respect This is the most important rule of the this forum. And, it's not exclusive to just the admins. ALL members will receive respect. No bashing or flaming!!! If you have a problem, bring it to the admins so that it can be resolved properly.

RL (real life) vs. RP Keep real life drama in real life; DO NOT bring it here to our forum. And vise versa - don't take forum drama into real life. We are NO DRAMA site. Basically, the minute you start drama, you'll be asked to leave. If you're a drama llama, don't come here.

Activity Please remember to stay active. I'm going to limit how many characters you may have, but the ones that you have better stay as active as possible. Basically, post every two weeks unless you've posted a slow or away notice.

Registering When you register, please use your character's first and last name in proper capitalization. EX: Eddard Stark or Jaime Lannister. If you mess up, no big deal, just let one of the admins know and we'll fix it.

God-Modding/Power Playing I've never been a fan of god-modding or power playing, but there are situations when it may become a necessary evil; however, someone else's character is not your puppet. It's theirs, and they will play them.

Canons If you play a canon (core) character, please keep true to the character. For example, the Sons are not gonna have a pajama party with cutsie pillow fights, so don't even go there.

Rating Like the show, this board is rated M for Mature. There will be violence which may get bloody and gorey at times! And, there will be adult language! So, if you have problems with those things, then this sure as hell ain't the place for you. So, just move along. If your thread does breach into this category, we have just a few requirements. If you are under the legal age of consent in your country and are found writing these threads, you will be banned. We also request you mark them as mature, or fade to black.

Posting Please, for the love of all that is pretty, do not post one liners. Nothing irks us more. We are not going to impose a ridiculous word count, but please try to reach about 250 words. That's a good two paragraphs. And please post in past tense, third person. Thank you!

Graphics Do not - and I repeat DO NOT - use a signature banner so wide that it stretches our board. If the scroll bar appears at the bottom of the screen, then your banner needs to be smaller. If you don't change it, I will by simply removing it. 500 pixels in width is usually a good size to use. Maximum dimensions for avatars is 200x300!

Approval (All Characters) After you sign up with your character, you must wait until they're approved before you start posting in the RPG section. You will know when you're approved, because you character's bio will be moved to the Approved Characters board and you will be placed in a member group. To make sure you have read the rules, please put the words Play to Win somewhere in your app.

Play-bys A play-by is the celebrity that you use to represent your character. For all core (canon) characters, we prefer you use the actor or actress from the show for simplicity purposes, but we're willing to work with you on that. For originals, there's a section on the app. form to list your play-by.

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